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The ABCs (Activities, Beliefs and Campaigns) of City Councilor Peter Tiu Laviña of Davao City, Philippines. This blog started on March 9, 2006.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Back to this blog

I can't log in at my blog at

So, starting today I will post in this blog. I would need to update this blog with all my sidebar features in my funchin blog. I hope to do this in the next few days.

I am currently working on my laptop at the City Council where our regular session is on-going. In today's calendar of business are 16 items under 1st reading, 3 items on 3rd reading, 61 deferred committee reports and 6 new committee reports.

At the City Hall, the Department of Health is presently undertaking a two-day orientation seminar on the Botika sa Barangay (Village Pharmacy), a project to make affordable medicines available at our villages. My office is coordinating with the DOH initially implementing this project in 20 barangays (villages) in the 1st district of the city.

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