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The ABCs (Activities, Beliefs and Campaigns) of City Councilor Peter Tiu Laviña of Davao City, Philippines. This blog started on March 9, 2006.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Learning form and content

I learned to use the PC quite early. In fact it has almost been 20 years. But I did not learn much except the usual applications used by the not so techno savvy.

I had a website two years ago. My staff webmaster ran the site with his technical knowhow. I was responsible for the "content."

As a journalist, I seemed to have no problem with what to write. But my big problem was the "form" of how to present it in a catchy interactive webpage. I can be creative too with my words. But I cannot be one in webpage designing.

It was really informative to learn the basics of blogging. I passed the first hands-on workshop. I opened a blogspot, chosen my template and posted my first article. As an intro, I titled it "the ABCs of Councilor Laviña." I really had fun as a beginner!

I also successfully uploaded my first picture in my blog. A standard ID foto portraying me as an "honorable" elected official.

I missed the workshop portion on improving my Profile and adding the Links. The latter one according to our mentors from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation was very important. I had problems when my computer went too slow. I was not able to catch up when the next writing - this new posting - was called in.

The workshop was really informative and helped us develop our blogs. However, my low IQ in HTML writing had done me in.

This I need to improve on. Wanna help me?


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