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The ABCs (Activities, Beliefs and Campaigns) of City Councilor Peter Tiu Laviña of Davao City, Philippines. This blog started on March 9, 2006.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The ABCs of Councilor Laviña

I am Councilor Peter Tiu Laviña of Davao City, Philippines.

I am a journalist, a political activist, and an elected City Councilor.

Starting this blog was long overdue. Two years ago when I had a staff who was a webmaster, I had my own website. When he resigned for greener pasture, I was left with no choice but to close the site because I was not technically capable to run it.

Thanks to a hand-on workshop on blogging and podcasting hosted by the
Friedrich Naumann Foundation, I now learned how to blog.

Here are my ABCs:

Activities - A list of my activities as a City Councilor, political activist and member of the mass media;

Beliefs - My core values, my principles, my beliefs, my stand on issues;

Campaigns - My personal advocacies as an elected public official, as a Davaoeno, as a political activist and as a media person.

My advocacies are wide and varied:

P - participatory governance
E - economic development
T - trade and tourism promotion
E - environment
R - reengineering the local bureaucracy

T - transportation
I - investment incentives
U - universal human rights

L - livelihood programs
A - alternative energy
V - values formation
I - international solidarity
N - new politics
A - advancement of science & technology

In future postings, you will learn more of my ABCs!


Blogger isolde said...

Hi, Peter,
It's very refreshing to read political leaders who can articulate their vision clearly and intelligently. May your tribe increase!

6:17 PM  
Blogger ria said...


I would also like you to visit my political blog at where I share my opinions, views and insights on local, national and international issues. Your comments would be highly appreciated.

4:22 PM  

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