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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Is the Davao Death Squad back?

Among the guests at the City Council session Tuesday were representatives from Misereor, the German Catholic development organization.

They were in Davao City to inspect local projects that they help fund. Anna Dirksmeier of the Asia Department said they fund 289 projects in the country.

With the news of another criminal suspect killed here in a summary execution, Dirksmeier could not help but mention this in her brief remarks at the session. She said the continuing summary killings and the atmosphere of human rights abuses in the city make it difficult for their partner organizations to undertake development work.

The dreaded Davao Death Squad is back!


Blogger Francesca said...

Mr. Lavina,
While looking around youtube, I encountered this video- ( on the DDS and I was very horrified to learn about this. I looked at the dates on the videos and the articles (from the Internet) that I've come across and they were all from before 2006. I was wondering if this is still going on in Davao.

At the same time, this seems like an issue that should be brought on national TV or even the big broadsheets. I'm from Manila, and if I didn't chance upon the video from youtube, I wouldn't have any idea at all about this. Most of the articles and even the video I mentioned above implied a certain connection with the local government. Is the lack of media coverage because of this implied connection that they were mentioning?

When I did an Internet search on DDS, your blog was one of the sites that came up. I applaud the fact that you talk about this issue.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this.

10:55 AM  

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